Wafters by Individual Baits

  • Wafters - Hydro Squid Liver

    Wafters - Hydro Squid Liver

  • Wafters - TNT

    Wafters - TNT


£6.50 per pot.

Wafters from IndividualBaits are hand tested for perfection and supplied in handy plastic pots for easy storage.

(Approx 70x12mm's or 50x16mm's per pot)

Quantity :

Our critically balanced hook baits are all made by hand and we test each batch to balanced perfection so they just sink under the weight of the rig, giving you a slow sinking perfectly presented rig with every cast.

  • All Wafters are available in 12mm and 16mm
  • Critically Balanced
  • Every batch is hand tested for perfection.


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