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    Carp Care

Carp Care

£4.99 for 50ml

IndividualBaits Carp Care, at £4.99 for 50ml it's a superior product & the best value for money available in carp after care today.

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As our baits are responsible for catching such a high volume of carp we felt we had a duty of care to our quarry & decided to find the best possible After care for hook holds, this product comes direct from the Dentistry Industry & it's specifically for mouths and is therefore perfect for wet areas. It cleans, it disinfects, and is perfect for lesions and sores, lifted scales and ulcers, it creates a barrier, its totally fish safe and above all works a treat with an easy use drip nozzle.

  • 50ml
  • Perfect for all Freshwater Species

Perfect for all fresh water species, and best of all it dries totally clear so you can get it on as soon as you remove your rig and it won't spoil your photos with mucky stains detracting from the overall picture quality.

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