Jacko Pops    by Individual Baits

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Jacko Pops

£TBA per pot.

Jacko Pops from IndividualBaits .


(Approx 70x12mm's or 50x16mm's per pot)

Jacko Pops, These little baby’s are the brainchild of none other then the man Lee Jackson, not only did Lee catch the world famous Two Tone of these puppies ins 2002 but they went on to her capture 2 more times for other anglers that pursued Two Tone.

 If you didn’t know these incredible pop ups are responsible for helping Lee to bank not 1 not 2 but 3 uk fish over 60lb.  Lee have given us the privilege of bringing the Jacko Pops to the masses. The Jacko pops have an advanced flavour package and an unique proven blend of essential oils along with a few special ingredients all of which we have sworn to keep secret. 

Available in 3 classic colour options- Pink, Orange, Washed Out Yellow and in a very special blue colour that lee himself swears by. 

The Jacko Pops are extremely buoyant and on offer in 12mm and 16mm Rest assured there are no other pop ups available in todays market with the pedigree the Jacko Pops for big fish

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