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    Pop Ups - TNT

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    Pop Ups - Hydro Squid Liver

Pop Ups

£6.50 per pot.

Popup's from IndividualBaits - Please Select Matching or Fluoro Option, see Colour variation tab for matching & fluoro details.

CNO will be supplied by the colour detailed in colour variations tab, ie in the only colour option available. All Pop Ups have the choice of 12 or 16mm

(Approx 70x12mm's or 50x16mm's per pot)

Quantity :

IndividualBaits Pop ups available matching our Steamies, Pasteies, Wafters and Rocket Fuel Ranges, there's also a fluoro option with many of the Pop-Ups too.

Available in 12mm or 16mm as standard, Extremely buoyant and guaranteed to stay a float for 48hours. Our Pop-Ups highly regarded as the most buoyant Pop Ups available on the market today.

  • All Popup's are available in 12mm and 16mm
  • Extremely Buoyant
  • Guaranteed to stay afloat for 48 hours.

Don't forget to check out the Visual Assault Range for more choices of Fluoro Pop-Ups.

Matching* Colour
TNT - Tigernut & Toffee
Krill and Bloodworm
Hydro Squid Liver

* A degree of small natural variation should be expected.

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