Rapid Response Pellets by Individual Baits

Rapid Response Pellets

from £2.80 per Kg

A blend of Pellets, including Tiger Nut, Halibut and Trout boosted with liquid attractors for and immediate but persistent food signal.

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Rapid response pellet mix does exactly what they say on the label. There a good blend of carp, trout, halibut & TigerNut pellet mix boosted with liquid attractors to create a constant flow of individual food signals to constantly leak off like rapid response siren.

Tips &Uses

  • Ideal as part of a spod feed.
  • Great for one mouthful approach added to out Fluoro pops and Sneaky hook baits.
  • Great as a carpet feed to keep them grubbing about in your swim for longer.
  • A mix of sizes to keep them guessing and get them slipping up.
  • Ideal for all species


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