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  • Liquid Peanut

    Liquid Peanut

Liquid Peanut

from £1.99 for 50ml Pot.

Liquid Peanut, available in pots ranging from £1.99 for 50ml pot to £18.99 for a bumper 1L tub.

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We've done it yet again as we have created yet another sneaky edge with a whole host of application to get you bagging more fish with our new Liquid Peanut -to be used as a bait dip/soak, It's PVA friendly It smells like peanut butter and will boost particles and spod mixes as well as bag and stick mixes to help you put more fish on the bank. Even dip your textured leads in this one to leave food signals all the way to your hookbaits

  • Can be used as a Dip or Soak
  • PVA Friendly
  • Boost Particles, Bag & Stick or Spod Mixes
Liquid Peanut (Size)

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