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I was on my way home after a trip to France so I though I would pop in and do a 48 hour trip on Frimley Pit 3 before heading home to Leicstershire. After a quick walk around I found out it had been fishing slow. So on not seeing a lot I droped into a swim that I know had been steadliy producing fish.

I found a nice spot around 60yds out on the edge of gravel and silt with light weed left and right of the spot. The plan was to spod in 3kg of Indivdual Bait Particle, Fast Response Pellet and chopped TNT Steamies. I fished 2 rods on the spot with a 12mm TNT on the hair with a small pva bag of chopped TNT.

As the first night drew in and not seeing a lot of fish movment in the area my confidance was not that high. By 0700 the next morning I had landed to low twentys a mirror and common.

The second night I did the same as the night before,I had still not seen any fish in the area but my confidance was high because I had all ready caught from the spot. I had a fast take around 0200 when picking the rod up I felt a lot of head shaking next thing the fish was off. So after a recast in the dark I was not to happy where it landed, so I waited till first light to recast to make shore it was on the right spot. At around 0645 I had a slow take, on lifting up the rod it felt a better fish.

After weeding me up once I got it moving on getting it closer to the bank I saw a big mirror under the weed. I though it could be gums so I was praying to the carp gods not to fall off. After a good scrap under the rod tip for 5 mins I landed the fish with a load of weed around it. After removing the weed and hook from the fish in the water I saw from its mouth it was Gums! So I got the lad fishing next door to give me a hand to weigh her.

She went 42lb 01oz a new PB and lake record mirror.

Thanks to Will-i-am for taking the pictures.

  • Angler:  Steve Blood
  • Product:  TNT Steamies
  • Location:  Frimley Pit 3
  • Date:  Tue 01 July 14

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