Our Consultants at Individual Baits

Kristian Morris

Kristian Morris

Owner at Individual Baits

UK PB Mirror Carp. 47lb 10z
UK PB Common Carp 39.13 One Barb from Frimley 
France PB Common 53.12 _The Digital_zfrom Les Teillatts
France PB Mirror 60.08 B’s fish from Sky Lakes

I came up with the concept of steaming back in 2005 and I had already made some successful mixes which I had been using in my fishing for over a decade prior to the idea to steam my baits, and from there it’s grown from a few extra bites into a full time job making and supplying the highest quality bait direct to the public.

Since using Steamies I’ve had so much success, a few memorable captures spring to mind like when I had a brace of Uk 30lb commons side by side in the net together from Frimley pit three, I’ve had a big brace from Abbey Lakes containing both a common and mirror to 42lbs, along with a nice brace of 30+ mirrors from Gran Canaria too. Most recently I had B’s fish from Sky Lake @60.08 and then bagged an unknown mirror of 55lbs less than 5 hours later.

With the massive range of totally unique products, all of which have been put together by the Team, makes it easier to stay on top of my game and keep stacking up the kippers in my photo album.

Best of all myself and the team are on hand every day to share our edges, baits & tactics to guarantee you catch more fish. 

Michael Clements

Michael Clements

Steamies Consultant

UK PB Mirror: 45lb 7oz
UK PB Common: 37lb

I have fished since I was 5years old, I only got into carp fishing about 10 years ago.

How often do you go fishing? Having a young family and a job means fishing time is seriously restricted! I tend to fish quick overnighters arriving just before dark and leaving early morning, I try and get out on the bank at what I feel are the best times, generally spring and autumn and will fish 2-3 nights a month.  During winter I tend to try and earn brownie points by doing short day sessions rather than nights.

Although at times I look at other anglers with a lot more time at their disposal and can’t help but feel at a disadvantage, I think that having very little time can make you more focused and determined to make the most of every opportunity.  I always travel very light taking minimal kit and will think nothing of moving three or four times during an overnighter.

Why Steamies? About four years ago I started fishing a southern club lake, initially just doing days. It wasn’t the easiest of waters and I knew I would have to work hard to get results.  Being mobile and getting on the fish as often as possible meant I soon started to get among the residents.

 I was catching most of my fish on adjustable zigs with fish up to mid-thirties and although a few fish came off the bottom I always felt that I should have been getting more action.  It was at this point I started to think about bait as I knew my rigs worked and I was on fish, bait was the only possible weakness.  It was at this point I started to look at Individual baits.

Kieran Brown

Kieran Brown

Field Tester

Years carp fishing: 11
UK pb : 43 4
I first came aware of steamies when out fishing one winter and got to meet one of the team on the bank. We got talking about all thing carp and ended up getting onto the subject of bait . He started telling me about steamies and I decided to give it ago so went up the shop to meet the guys and get some bait and have not looked back since . I am very impressed with the bait and can’t see myself ever changing . It has increased my catch rate so much . The bait seems to get results on every lake from pressured day tickets to syndicates. Steamed baits are the way forward. Much of my fishing is done on quick over nighters or weekends due to busy work life and a young family just shows with the right bait you don’t need to spend every hour on the bank to get results .on a recent day session I managed to have 46 bites in 9 hours landing 42 fish with the smallest fish being 14lb up to mid 20s what goes to show how good the bait is .

Dave Farmer

Dave Farmer


I have been having fun with my fishing for over twenty years. I started just like all young lads down the local river fishing for anything that came along to progressing onto farm ponds floating crust in the margin. Which is still one of my favourite way to catch them! UK PB Common: 57lb 4oz UK PB Mirror: 49lb 8oz In between running a business, my German Shepherd, and spending time with my wife and daughter, fishing can be short. I try to fish an overnighter once every few weeks or when an opportunity looks prime. I maximise my chances by remaining mobile and preferring a stealthy approach by catching them in the edge! Individual baits offers a fantastic range of products, not just tried and tested bait recipes but particle, nuts, liquids, pellets and pop ups! All my needs are covered!

Since joining the team over the last 18 months I have really enjoyed myself. Managing to catch over eight different UK 40’s including a common at over 51lb! These results just give me total confidence in my choice of bait.