Pasteies by Individual Baits

  • TNT Tigernut & Toffee

    TNT - Tigernut & Toffee

  • Orange and Coconut

    CNO - CoCoNutOrange

  • PBS - Peanut & Butterscotch

    PBS - Peanut & Butterscotch

  • Frankfurter & Mustard Oil

    Frankfurter & Mustard Oil

  • Pino-Colada


  • More Images Soon

    More Images Very Soon


£7.99 supplied in 1L pot.

Pasteies from IndividualBaits are a clever little edge which will match your Steamies and will breakdown to increase your chances of a quick bite and avoid over baiting.

Our Pasties are rolled fresh to order and best kept frozen for maximum freshness

Quantity :

They can be used along side the Steamies to release flavour signals quicker and draw fish into your swim. They will go extreme ranges in a throw stick when frozen and can go as far as your catapult will allow when thawed. Never over bait again with this instant bite, quick break down maximum food signal release tactic and put a load more fish in your net.

  • All Pasteies are available in 15mm, 18mm and 22mm
  • Pasteies are supplied in Hard 1ltr Pots
  • Quick break down, maximum food signal.
  • Rolled fresh to Order, once delivered best kept frozen for maximum freshness


TNT - Tigernut & Toffee
BTC - Banana & Tuna Nut Crunch
STC - Squid, Tuna & Monster Crab
MX3 - Fresh Water Mussel & Marmite
SpicyFrankfurter & Mustard
Monster Hemp - Hemp
Monster Hemp with Garlic- Hemp & Garlic
Monster Hemp with Chilli - Hemp & Chilli
PBS - Peanut & Butterscotch
The Big Cheese - Cheese, Garlic & Black Pepper
TuttiCrunch - Tutti Frutti with Extra Crunch
Pino Colada - Pineapple & Coconut
CNO - CoCoNutOrange - Orange & Coconut
Spicy Fruit - Cranberry & Chilli Oil

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